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Wi-Fi in the education vertical extends well beyond the classroom walls. From extracurricular activities to study abroad programs to exploring hobbies on their own, devices such as tablets and smart phones can connect students to a wealth of text, audio, and video content not found in textbooks. Students get the opportunity to access online databases, keep track of deadlines, and submit projects instantly upon completion. Whereas, teachers can also keep track of students' progress, upload files, and provide feedback 24/7.Wi-Fi has become the most requested amenity in the last few years.

Wi-Fi serves a very important purpose of linking faculty with students as well as with one another. It leads to the creation of the necessary infrastructure for faculty engagement. It supports both: formal and informal learning and communications among all on the campus. For most students, the Wi-Fi networks are the primary way of connecting while on the campus. Seamless access to email, and other avenues of learning, can dramatically change the way our students go about their academic pursuits. Wi-Fi can lead to a convergence between voice and video, while liberating the students from the constraints of location. Wi-Fi is also easy for the administration to manage as they have to manage only one central Access Point (AP).

Our University has a dedicated 100 MBPS Broad band connectivity which allows Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus. This facility allows students to access uninterrupted Internet connectivity anywhere within the campus. All the IT resources and content should be available to the faculty and students from their desk as well as anywhere-anytime basis over the campus. It is very helpful to work from any block/building and receive the same speed of data transfer.

Internet Facilities

Apart from the computer laboratories setup for syllabus programs the Institutes have provided computer centres for general purposes and learning during extra hours. This includes Internet Facilities available through leased line and Wi-Fi for providing continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students and faculty members. These facilities are also available to students beyond college hours for preparation of seminars & projects and research-orientated work. The entire campus including the hostels is Wi-Fi enabled and students can access the internet on their laptops round the clock.

  • 40MBPS Broadband
  • Wi-Fi facility 24 hours in campus
  • Dedicated INTERNET LAB


  • Genuine Research Work.
  • 24*7 Hours Phone Assistance by Guide.
  • Completion of Research work on time, Degree will be awarded on time.
  • Information Regarding Scholarship :
    • Top 10 Students will get 50% of fee relaxation who clear the entrance test
    • The Students Whose NET,SET Cleared will get 20% Scholarship for the student
    • Top 10 Students of Course Work Exam will get Rs. 10,000 Scholarship each.