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B.P.Ed Course Fee Structure

Duration (Sem/Year) 4 Sem
Eligibility Graduation with Sports
Approved Sem Tution Fee 37500
Approved Year Tution Fee 75000
Regn Per Year/Sem 1200
Fee Per Year 1500
Total Fee Per Year/Sem 77700

A career in sports assistance is a largely economic option in India. Campaigners who are sports and fitness suckers frequently used to crave for good academic courses that allows them to pursue a career in sports and fitness. Sports education in India has come a long way since also. Bachelorette of Physical Education is an undergraduate degree program in the sphere of sports and fitness. The course revolves around one's physical as well as internal well being and fitness. It openly discusses the goods of sports and physical conditioning in day to day life for better physical and internal health.

it becomes veritably important to find out the best university for BPED in order to get the stylishness of both physical and classroom types of classes. The OPJS university located in Rajasthan holds a monopoly in furnishing scholars the stylish out of it. . The university holds its position in the top five universities of Rajasthan due to following crucial highlights

  • ● Positive approach towards study- scholars and staff members have positive station towards studies hence the terrain for study becomes all the more sincere, helping scholars to maintain better study terrain.
  • ● Excellent Preceptors-university posses an excellent platoon of staff both tutoring and non tutoring hence they're the backbone of the university and its working especially in the Rajasthan branch, there's such a mind blowing laboratory staff.
  • ● Arich library and well equipped laboratory-the lot of OPJS university at Rajasthan comprises of a rich library which is also known as the biggest library in gurugram and the well equipped and streamlined labs makes the prestige of company at ninth pall
  • ● University Ranking- being stylish at all the installation therefore handed at this famed university makes it stand out of the crowd making it hold first position in top five university of rajasthan
  • ● Placement openings- scholars at this university have wide variety of choices to choose among the stylish institute that give the stylish career openings and also scholars are given career guidance as well

Get the Best BPED Course in Rajasthan, education is the path to success. There is a wide variety of colleges available to those who wish to study this subject. One University that has a lot of options is OPJS University. This college is located in the state of Rajasthan and is known for its excellent performance in the field of education. OPJS University is at the top of the List of Bachelor of Physical Education [B.P.Ed] Colleges in Rajasthan Based on the 2022 Ranking. Register now for the Best BPED college in Rajasthan 2022-23.

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Are you aspiring for the best BPED college in Rajasthan? We at OPJS university provide you with the most prominent course of Bachelor of Physical education that revolves around one's physical as well as mental well-being. Sports are no longer seen as a rest option in India. The huge investment in the colorful sports and its affiliated field has brought a belle epoque in the sports assiduity in India.B.P.Ed full form Bachelor of Physical Education is one similar course that trains campaigners to pursue a plethora of career options in sports. TheB.P.Ed Syllabus has been designed in such a way that it not only trains the campaigners about the methodology of different sports but also other soft chops similar as leadership, tutoring practice for better understanding of the scholar's psyche, and numerous further Pursuing BPED from the top-ranking BPED college in Rajasthan has various perks some of which are listed below.

  • ● Job Openings- TheB.P.Ed course not only helps in getting a good career option in the field of sports training and coaching but also in other supplementary fields similar as judge, Sports Journalist, Commentator, sports director, and numerous further.
  • ● opening to turn entrepreneurs- TheB.P.Ed campaigners can set up their own academy or training program after the completion of the theB.P.Ed course. There are over 5000 private sports seminaries or guiding centers in India furnishing training to expiring athletes in India.
  • ● Job satisfaction- The job ofB.P.Ed graduate is related to the training of campaigners in colorful sports. However, also it brings immense job satisfaction to the individualities If the athletes win any competition at any transnational position.

Are you confused about if you are a perfect candidate? Let me explain to you some qualities of prominent candidates for pursuing this course from the university that offers you the best BPED course at affordable fees.

  • ● The Bachelor in Physical Education course should be pursued by campaigners who wish to pursue a career in the sports assiduity in India.
  • ● campaigners who have an interest in sports and are physically fit to take up the stress of training athletes should take up the Bachelor in Physical Education course.
  • ● campaigners who wish to contribute to the development of sports and related fields in India should take up the course.

So what’s holding you back from being a part of us? Register yourselves before BPED admission last date 2023-24