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B.Ed. Course Fee Structure 2023-2024

Duration (Sem/Year) 2 Year
Eligibility Graduation
Approved Year Tution Fee 75000
Registration Fee 1200
Fee Per Year 1500
Total Fee Per Year/Sem 77700

B.Ed is a two- time-long postgraduate course that deals with tutoring at the secondary and advanced secondary divisions. There are a lot of job openings available for the graduates of this part. Some of the popular places with which the graduates start include Primary School Teacher, High School Teacher, Head Schoolteacher, Secondary School Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Social Worker, High School Star etc. The course is best delivered at OPJS university Rajasthan Following are the key highlights best B.ED university of Rajasthan.

  • ● University position-admission open OPJS university BED College 2023-2024 is located in various corridor of India majorly in Rajasthan.
  • ● University Grading-this university is graded as A' grade university all over the region of its presence. the university is known for it swish of the swish features therefore holds top position in best BED university of Rajasthan 2023-2024 .
  • ● Lot structure-the top BED university in rajasthan is known for its ultra modern and hi-tech lot where scholars are given exposure to the real life gests.
  • ● Faculty-another asset of the OPJS university is its faculty. The faculty of the university include the moxie personnels with in depth knowledge of the asked aqueduct.
  • ● Hostel Facility-the OPJS university, Rajasthan works to give youth India the swish quality education hence inviting operations from each country. given the scholars swish hostel installation along with the nutritive diet.

B.Ed admission is possible for the applicants if the scholars insure that they fulfil theB.Ed eligibility criteria.B.Ed course eligibility includes a minimal aggregate score of 50 in scale is a needful for admission. A minimal aggregate score of 55 at the postgraduate position is obligatory for admission into sodalities for theB.Ed class. There's noB.Ed age limit for admission.

If you are looking for Best B.Ed Colleges in Rajasthan 2024-2025. OPJS University, which was established in the year 2013, is the best solution. It boasts of a history that is quite different from the other colleges in India. You can enroll now for Best B.Ed Colleges in Rajasthan 2022-2023. To get reach your goal register now.

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Are you looking for the best B.ed college in Rajasthan? We have suitable options for you. We at OPJS university provide you with the two-year professional course of B.Ed. If you aspire to be a teacher, then we have the best course curriculum. Through this course, you can get specialization in various subjects for example a student pursuing a B.Ed Hindi gets specialization in Hindi and would be eligible to teach Hindi as the subject. For a student to be a part of this course must complete their bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50-55%. Let us explain to you what our best B.ed course fee 2023- 2024 at an affordable price would serve you from a career point of view

  • ● Prerequisite for Government Job- For a scholar opting career in government school it is mandatory to pursue a B.Ed course in Haryana 2023-2024. These days even the private school prefer teachers with a B.Ed degree.
  • ● Job satisfaction- Being a teacher is one of the noble professions hence serves you with immense satisfaction.
  • ● Good salary prospects- The bachelor's degree in education serves you with the good salary prospects for both government and public sector teachers are paid handsome salaries.

If you wish to pursue your career in the education sector, B.Ed admission is open in 2023-24 for students to kick start their careers in the relevant streams. If you are opting for this sector make sure to keep the following highlights in mind.

  • ● Campaigners can incontinently start with them. B.Ed after completion of their scale course. Graduates from any sluice( trades, Science and Commerce) are eligible for a BEd course.
  • ● B.Ed syllabus is comparatively vast and requires the campaigners to give their maximum trouble to pass within the original time period of two times. piecemeal from the theoretical generalities the campaigners must grasp the practical part of the B . Ed syllabus 2023 -2024.
  • ● campaigners must also put in further time to pass the.B.Ed entrance test because that B.Ed degree from the government sodalities holds much further value than the instrument from private institutions.

Make sure to fill out your admission forms before B. Ed admission last date 2023-24