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D.Pharma is a professional Diploma in pharmacy and is offered by OPJS University. The eligibility criteria for this course are 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology subjects. The course duration is typically 2 years and the D.Pharma fee for 2023-24 is 1,20,000. D.Pharma admissions open in 2023-2024.

There are a few reasons why OPJS University might be a good choice for those interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.

  • ● • First, OPJS University has strong programs in the sciences, which can provide a strong foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.
  • ● • Additionally, OPJS University often has strong relationships with local pharmacies, which can be beneficial for students interested in working in this field.
  • ● • Finally, we have smaller class sizes, which can allow for more individualized attention and support from instructors.

It is also counted in Top D.Pharma at universities. There are many career options available to those with a D.Pharma degree. Some people choose to work in hospitals or clinics, while others may choose to work in research or academia. There are also many opportunities for D.Pharma graduates to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Get admission in D.Pharma Rajasthan 2024-2025 session.

To get more detail about D.Pharma University/college in Rajasthan India 2025-2026 visit https://opjsuniversity.edu.in/...